Where can i find broker master script, symbol, instrument or contract list

Here is the master script list for supported brokers that you can download either in CSV or JSON format. Please note that not all brokers provide publicly accessible master symbol lists, few brokers require API credentials to download or search their instrument list.

Alice Blue

JSON formatted script search based on keyword. You can replace the “key” URL parameter to search for any script name.

Script Search

Angel One

CSV download of consolidated list of instruments across all exchanges.

Master Script List


Broker does not provided this data publicly.


CSV download of symbol list for different exchanges.

NSE Currency Derivatives

NSE Equity Derivatives

NSE Capital Market

BSE Capital Market

MCX Commodity

Kotak Securities

CSV download of trading instruments for different segments. Script Master links are based on date, so you can replace the day/month/year part in following urls to get the latest data.


Futures and Options


Broker does not provided this data publicly.


Broker does not provided this data publicly.


CSV formatted instrument list of all exchanges.

Master Instrument List