How to integrate TradingView Alerts with Bridge using webhook

Here are the steps to integrate TradingView strategy alerts with our trading bridge using the webhook method.

  1. Navigate to Bridge -> Webhooks and copy the “Webhook URL” for the webhook that you want to integrate.
  2. Go to TradingView and in the Alerts section click on the “Edit” gear icon for the alert that you want to integrate.
  3. Check the checkbox for “Webhook URL” under “Alert actions”.
  4. Past the “Webhook URL” copied in the previous step into the input field under “Webhook URL”.
  5. On our platform, navigate to Tools -> Webhook Data Generator and enter all the necessary input fields and click on “Submit”.
  6. Copy the generated JSON data from the “JSON Output” and paste it in the TradingView’s “Message” field.
  7. Click on “Save”.

Once the linkage between TradingView Alert and the API Bridge is done, everytime this alert is triggered the alert message will be sent to our platform through webhook. On receiving this signal our bridge will process the webhook data and place the order to broker accounts linked with this webhook.

For more information you can refer to TradingView webhook support solution.