How to stop order placement and webhook signal processing

You can selectively stop the trading bridge order placement functionality either temporarily or permanently using the following options.

Stop order execution for a particular broker account

Change the broker account status to “Disabled” by navigating from Bridge -> Broker Accounts and clicking on “Edit”. This will only block orders going to this broker account across all your webhooks.

Stop trade execution for a particular webhook or strategy

Change the webhook account status to “Disabled” by navigating from Bridge -> Webhooks and clicking on “Edit”. This will block processing of all the incoming signals coming to this webhook and no orders will be placed for any linked broker accounts.

Please note that deleting a webhook will permanently remove all linkages with any broker accounts and stops the processing of incoming signals.

Stop the entire trading bridge functionality

Change the bridge status to “Disabled” from the main navigation. This will stop any webhook signal processing and order placement across your account irrespective of your individual broker or webhook status settings.

You can also enable/disable the trading bridge from Telegram.