Understanding the Trading Bridge functionality

Trading Bridge is a middleware system which bridges the gap between trading strategies and order placement which is conventionally handled by different systems/platforms i.e. strategy providers and brokers. It is also sometimes referred to as API Bridge because the communication between these two systems are mostly done via HTTP API protocol.

This is a high level summary of how the trading bridge works and what setup and integrations are required to get you started. For detailed instructions of each step, please refer to our support articles for specific instructions.

  • Integrate your broker account with the bridge. This enables our platform to communicate with your boker and automatically place orders on your behalf.
  • Create a webhook and link it to your broker account. This linkage equips our bridge to properly route the incoming trade signals for this webhook to designated broker accounts.
  • Configure the webhook with your trading strategy provider. This will allow the strategy provider to send trade signals to our bridge for processing and automatic order placement.