Automated order placement for your algorithmic trading strategies

Send trading signals via webhook from TradingView, Bot, Python, C# and automatically place orders with multiple brokers like Angle One, Finvasia, Fyers, Upstox, etc.

We offer a web based API bridge for automatic algo trading of your TradingView strategies.

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Features and Benefits

Trade from any webhook

Any web/HTTP signal or alert can trigger orders and the bridge will execute them 24/7. Our webhook supports the most widely used JSON data format.

Blazingly fast order execution

Our trading bridge intelligently converts your strategy's webhook signal into the broker's API interface, executing the trade within milliseconds.

Simple and easy to set up

You do not need to install any desktop softwares, browser extensions or have VPS servers. Our web platform captures signals and places orders instantaneously.

We respect your privacy

We do not store any strategy or order related data on our system. Signal data is processed on the fly by automated programs to place orders.

Never miss a signal or trade

Our web platform has very high network availability to ensure your trade alerts are always processed on time and with accuracy.

Versatile multi broker support

Instantly integrate and route your custom strategies to single or multiple brokers. Simultaneously trade with multi trading accounts.

Telegram Bot integration

Receive order notifications on your Telegram account. Easily manage bridge and login to broker API using builtin commands.

Access anytime on web

Manage your trading accounts, webhook logs, positions and trades from mobile or desktop browser using our responsive web application.

Broker independent webhook format

Our webhook format being broker agnostic, you do not have to change format for passing signals to different brokers.

How It Works

Run strategy on your chosen platform

Build and run your strategies on any third party services like TradingView or GoCharting.

Send strategy signals to trading bridge

Configure your strategy platform to send alerts to our trading bridge using webhook.

Fulfill your orders automatically

Bridge will process incoming signals and place orders with configured brokers using fast API protocol.

Competitive Pricing

2 months free

₹ 400/month

₹ 4,800 ₹ 4,000/year

Suitable for retail traders and investors
  • 5 trading accounts
  • 250 orders per day
  • 1 month log retention
  • Add-on package
  • Self service support

₹ 700/month

₹ 8,400 ₹ 7,000/year

Suitable for professional and active traders
  • 10 trading accounts
  • 500 orders per day
  • 1 month log retention
  • Add-on package
  • Email support

₹ 1,500/month

₹ 18,000 ₹ 15,000/year

Suitable for portfolio managers and investment advisors
  • 25 trading accounts
  • 1250 orders per day
  • 2 months log retention
  • Add-on package
  • Priority support

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do not provide any trading strategies. However, there are many good services and platforms that allow you to create your own or use their pre configured trading strategies.

Yes, with just a click of a button or sending a command from our Telegram Bot. Once you stop the bridge, processing and execution of all your incoming alerts and signals are stopped immediately and no orders are placed from the trading bridge.

Incoming trade signals are processed within 2-3 milliseconds and order placement through broker API usually takes 100 milliseconds on an average. You can find more details in our bridge processing statistics support article.

You need to login to your respective broker API accounts daily, preferably early in the morning before the market opens. Brokers usually provide API tokens which expire in less than 24 hours or by midnight. Hence regular API login is necessary to keep executing your orders automatically throughout the trading hours.

Yes, our incoming webhook can be linked to multiple broker or trading accounts. This allows you to capture a single trade or strategy alert and execute it on multiple brokers or multiple trading accounts.

We only add new broker support to our trading bridge after carefully investigating its API robustness and their overall public reviews from various credible sources. We want to ensure that your automatic orders are executed properly on the broker side so as to minimize any strategic losses that might occur due to API unavailability. Please write to our support email to request adding support for the new broker.

Apart from conventional buy/sell transactions we also support the following strategy specific types as well.

Long Entry (LE) - Creating a Long Position without having any prior position
Short Entry (SE) - Creating a Short Position without having any prior position
Long Exit (LX) - Exit open Long Position
Short Exit (SX) - Exit open Short Position
Reverse Long Position (LXSE) - Exit open Long Position and create a new Short Position
Reverse Short Position (SXLE) - Exit open Short Position and create a new Long Position

Our intelligent bridge uses only one order for reverse transactions (LXSE and SXLE) hence saving you on brokerage cost.

Yes, your signals or webhooks are completely secured using HTTPS security protocol using SSL certificates. Data transmitted over such secure protocols are encrypted and protected from eavesdroppers. Your signal data cannot be corrupted or modified during network transfer and hence protects against man-in-the-middle attacks.

Our web platform is built on industry leading cloud infrastructure provider with high computational power and best in class network connectivity. Systems are monitored round the clock for uptime, availability and security. We take utmost precautions in making our web application secure and impenetrable. We use HTTPS/SSL security protocols throughout our application and force our users to have very secure password authentication.

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